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Stock Labels- Thermal, Laser, and More!

Nobody carries more stock labels! Print Cafe long Island offers one of the largest selections od stock labels in the industry, including thermal transfer labels, direct thermal labels, floodcoated labels, RFID enabled labels, laser sheets, intergrated label sheets and liner-free repositionable direct thermal label rolls.

Print Cafe Long Island carries popular handling labels, “Made in the USA” labels and inventory control labels. Choose from our stock imprints or create a custom imprint for your customer using our stock labe

Print Cafe Long Island Stock Labels include:

Thermal Transfer Labels, Direct Thermal Labels, Fluorescent & Floodcoated Colors, Liner-free Repositionable DT Label Rolls, Laser Sheets, Integrated Laser Sheets, Specialty Materials & Tags, RFID Enabled Labels, Inventory Control Labels, Handling Labels, Made in the USA Labels