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Unique Ideas For  Roll Labels to the  Food & Beverage Industry

The importance of labels is often overlooked, and it’s important to know how attractive roll labels are to the food and beverage industry. Why are so many print companies such as the Print Cafe Long Island investing in more label equipment? This is because the market is huge, especially for food and beverage labels.

Labels aren’t just for the sake of notifying consumers about the name of the product and the ingredients it’s made of. There’s more to it! When used correctly, labels can make an impact on consumers who view the product. Standard labels are boring; have fun as you sell roll labels to the food and beverage industry! There are different ways to get creative, and with today’s print technology, there are multiple ways to go about printing roll labels to the food and beverage industry.

Die Cut 

With custom die cutting now an available option in the print industry, businesses can get creative with their product labeling. Shapes can be created within the labels so that the products can stand out to consumers. Die cut labels can also be more intriguing and help to clearly define the type of product at first glance. According to some marketing experts, it takes only 7 seconds for buyers to decide on whether or not they want to buy a product after viewing it.

Scratch & Sniff

If you’ve ever found yourself waiting in a hair salon, you probably tried to kill time by skimming through a magazine. You may come across pages of advertisements, and typically when the advertisement is regarding perfume, a small card is usually attached with a scratch and sniff area as a sample. The scratch and sniff method isn’t just efficient for the beauty industry; it’s also great for the food and beverage industry as well. With different flavours come different scents, which can be shown on labels through scratch and sniff. Cocomero (which means “watermelon” in Italian), attracted consumers with its scratch and sniff label for its watermelon rosé. The label smells like the key flavour of the ingredient inside the bottle once the surface is scratched.


No one likes to waste food, as we should work towards promoting a better environment for the world we live in. Dissolvable labels can be used for food jars and containers, where the labels can dissolve and the containers can be reused by consumers. More and more consumers are beginning to put priority on recycling methods; in fact, 84% of consumers care and put efforts into recycling as much as possible. Dissolvable labels are eco-friendly and beneficial for both the environment and good packaging.


In an industry such as food and beverage, products are bound to get messy. There’s often a notice on how to properly store food and beverage items so as to prolong its longevity and shelf-life. While labels don’t require as much care, this doesn’t mean they don’t get damaged. A few examples of durable roll labels include:

  • Waterproof
  • Freezer labels (resistant to cold temperatures)
  • Scratch-proof

As labels provide valuable information about a product, it’s best if labels are durable enough to withstand harsh conditions and use so that individuals can still read the label even after prolonged use.

Feel the Design

Textured labels are a great way to get your product noticed. Aside from using our sense of sight, researchers at Harvard, Yale, and MIT have weighed in that using your sense of touch is actually just as important as using your sense of sight, if not more. Observing with your eyes is one thing, but consumers often tend to reach out and touch products with their hands as they grab it off from the shelf in stores. Physical touch is a sense that can influence an individual’s decision on something, as different textures spark different impressions. For example, a paper or crinkled material can give the impression that a product is vintage or handmade. A glossy or matte surface can make a product seem more high end and luxurious.

Make It Exclusive

Everyone likes personalized products, as it feels unique and one-of-a-kind to the user. According to a report from Deloitte, “1 in 5 consumers who are interested in personalized products and services are willing to pay extra for a 20% premium.” Back in 2014, popular soft drink company Coca-Cola launched its successful “Share a Coke” campaign, which featured their iconic Coke bottles with 250 different names. This marketing campaign was successful and received praise for connecting with consumers on a personal level, as well as entice them enough to find their own name on a bottle. It made a powerful call to action, and even encouraged consumers to share it as online content. Another campaign was also launched after, which focused on Diet Coke. The brand designed over 2 million different labels for bottles, with each colorful design being different and unique on its own.

Use Effective Colors 

The color scheme you choose to use are crucial when creating your brand element. Different colors can strike up different feelings and emotions; eg. black and white could be seen as premium and classic, while green can promote a product as eco-friendly. A design studio based in Barcelona, designed these colorful yet clever labels for jams. Each flavor is represented by a different color that fits the characteristics of the flavor itself. The obvious color differences allow consumers to easily differentiate between flavors and also makes for a great and fun design.

With the food and beverage industry a fundamental field in packaging, this only makes the label industry all the more relevant. As the industry continues to grow, so does the need to sell roll labels to the food and beverage industry. There are many different ways to go about it, so have fun with it! From BOPP to Poly, check out the different options you can pursue with selling roll labels to the food and beverage industry at the Print Cafe Long Island. For More Information on Labeling and Packaging Products go to:www.printcafelongisland.com